Gentle Small Bites

Gentle Dog Food Small Bites

With ALL of the benefits of Gentle Original or Gentle Fish just tailored for all the smaller breeds. We at Gentle have managed to pack all the same ingredients and nutritional goodness into a much smaller kibble. Whether you have a Leonberger or a Chihuahua you can now feed a gentle cold pressed diet no matter what. Small Bites can also be used as perfect training treats.

Shelf life up to six months.

View Ingredients & Nutritional Information (Original) View Ingredients & Nutritional Information (Fish)

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Gentle Dog Food Small Bites (5Kg Bag): £27.95
Gentle Dog Food Small Bites (Three 5Kg Bag): £69.95
Gentle Fish Small Bites (5Kg Bag): £20.00 Short sell by date (end of Jan 2019): Save £11.00 off normal price
Gentle Fish Small Bites (Three 5Kg Bag): £74.00 Special Offer: Save £5.95 off normal price